Crucible Charging


Video zum Thema Automatische Tiegelfüllung

The Advanced Crucible Charging System is the key equipment for the integration of a polysilicon plant and a multi-cristalline ingoting plant. By using segments and granulated material, the filling density of the crucible is optimized.
There are two main material flow lines for segments and granulated material. In the first flow line the U-rods are brought to the Cropping by a handling system, where they are sawed into segments. By Etching any contamination of the material is removed.
In the second flow line the U-rods and the remaining bridges from the Cropping are brought to the Breaking by a handling system. The broken material comes into the Crushing, where it is milled into granulated material. The material is buffered and brought to the Granular Etching. After etching the granulated material is buffered again.
The two different material flows are combined at the Charging Station. A robot automatically loads the Crucible with the segments and granulated material and doping material. The automatic material flow ensures a smooth and fast handling.